For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here. You can also email us at info@branumgames.com.

 Where can we find your game?

A: We are often bringing this game to conventions and events. The game is available for purchase at the Game Crafter until we can mass produce it. If you are on the email list, you can be updated when it is out and informed of when our upcoming events are.


Q: How did you get the idea for this game?

A: I have a lot of vivid dreams and I jump from one theme to the next. That inspired this game. I thought about what if you’re in the dream too long, and there are just too many things to process. The natural evolution, of course, was to make the dreams more scary than not, leading to a game based on jumping through nightmares.


Q: Kind of like inception?

A: It’s more of a lateral dream move than going into the dreams deeper. I watched that movie after starting this game. It has some interesting themes in it but wasn’t part of the design process.


Q: Where did you get your art?

A: The artwork is all licensed images from Adobe Stock. Beyond that, I did the graphic design, with assistance from Ivan Erickson. We may add images and character design to the sanity tiles; that is in discussion. If it happens, the people selected for those images will be credited.


Q: Why did you call it Nocturnes?

A: I actually thought of the name right away. I was thinking of something that was eerie but not overtly scary. Nocturnes is a night melody and I think of the creepy music that is subtle but can still cause goosebumps.


Q: Have you ever played X (horror/gory) game?

A: I might have but there’s a good chance that I haven’t, unless it was tongue-n-cheek horror. I don’t play a lot of horror games, and this is really ‘horror lite.” However, of the games I’ve made this game was my favorite to make and play so far. I totally see the irony in that. I designed something for the “horror” player because it has a consistent theme, but for people who don’t play horror games it isn’t too gory or dark. It is also less about the baddies and more about your interaction with the board and your competition. Also, the theme and cards generate entertaining discussions throughout the game.


Feel free to ask me any questions you have!

– Tiffany Branum