The Game

1 hour long
Best with 2-6 Players
Releases October 1st of 2016.

This game is recommended for players 13+ because some of the imagery is dark for young children.

In this tile-based game, you aim to keep your sanity as long as you can. The premise that you have agreed to be research subjects for studies on sleep and dreams. However, it goes horribly wrong and you are trapped in an experiment wherein nightmares take your sanity one crushing fear at a time! Try to hold onto your sanity as long as you can. Protect yourself as your competition is driven insane. The last player with any sanity left is the only one that wakes up psychologically intact, winning the game!

Each player has a sanity tile to track where there sanity is at; 6 total are in the game. There are also 24 dream tiles that get laid out to create the game board. 54 action cards make up the deck for players to influence each other’s sanity. 12 player markers are in the game, one for each possible player’s sanity tracker, and one for each player to move on the game board.

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