Upcoming Events


Sept. 30th to Oct. 1st at the Sheraton Tucson in Tucson, Arizona.
This is a gaming convention in Tucson, Arizona. Every year, it has a new theme attached to it – changing it up, making it an exciting, ever-changing convention. It always has a strong gaming community attend. Check it out HERE.

Thrill Halloween
Sept. 30th – Oct. 1st at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona.
This a Halloween themed convention! There will be vendors with a variety of fun, Halloween inspired items and goods to show you. There are also presentations and events to enjoy, with the spirit of the spooky holiday in mind. We plan to bring our game House Monsters, for the cuter side of Halloween, and of course Nocturnes which is a bit more scary. More HERE!

First Friday 
October 6th, Roosevelt Row
The first Friday of every month, Phoenix celebrates the arts with an art show! Nocturnes is a game with vivid artwork, and it is a creative game that is the result of artistic expression. This event is a great place to show it to potential fans.

Second Friday
October 13th, Downtown Mesa
The second Friday of each month, Mesa celebrates the city by providing music, vendors, and a thriving entertainment center in the middle of its city. While details are not yet out, we imagine it will be a very spooky Friday the 13th that we’d love to bring this game to.